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Our Savior’s Community Organizing Ministry

Together Colorado is a non-partisan, multi-racial, multi-faith community organization that unlocks the power of people to transform their communities through community organizing.  Comprised of 60+ congregations, schools and youth committees from Pueblo to Fort Collins and a growing statewide clergy network, we are building a moral and democratic voice in Colorado through a racial and economic lens.  Grounded in our faith and democratic traditions and in the everyday concerns of the people in our congregations, schools and communities, we train and equip faith leaders and volunteer community leaders to join together to resolve community issues on their own behalf at local, state and national levels.  Current key issues include education, health care, public safety, immigration, economic justice, and gun violence prevention.  Together Colorado was founded by a group of faith leaders in 1978 as Metro Organizations for People. For more information, click here.


 Frank Tapy, OSCOM Member

I’ve been part of Together Colorado for four years. I’m on the Our Savior’s Lutheran Church LOC, the Together Colorado Board, the Education Organizing Committee and the Immigration Organizing Committee.


I’m proudest that Together Colorado was instrumen­tal in passing the lA Preschool Initiative, which raised the sales tax to fund preschool tuition. Together Colorado’s efforts put it over the top. Now my focus is on getting Denver Public Schools to use weighted student funding and to properly implement CSC’s (Collabora­tive School Committees). I’m also working against the punitive and discriminatory initiative 100 passed last August regarding auto impoundment. A movie about my life would be called “Simple Successes are Better than Large Failures,” starring Robin Williams.  My inspi­ration in life is Jesus — and, also, Leonardo Da Vinci, because he had multiple skills and interests. I realized in the ’60s that opposi­tion to the Vietnam War and advocacy for civil rights issues were very closely associ­ated. It changed my life.


I’m most proud of my wife and my son.

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