Sunday School

Our Savior’s has a vibrant  Sunday School program. We couple the traditional Lutheran passion for music with a contemporary approach to youth education.


Sunday School time starts at 10:45 following worship and begins with Children’s Choir. The kids spend time learning traditional, but still relevant, songs, and typically perform once a month during service. It is a highlight of each month! During the Christmas season, the choir focuses on putting together the Christmas Program which takes place during a Sunday service in December. For more information on Children’s Choir, click here.


After around 20 minutes of Children’s Choir, the singers transition to students. Our curriculum links together three themes:


1) Spirituality and Tradition

2) Spirituality and Service

3) Spirituality and Practice


The first theme introduces the history of the church, and the roots of the church in other faiths, to the students. Topics range from the different hymnals used in services, the Jewish roots of Christian faith, St. Francis, and readings from both the Bible and other sources.


The second theme leverages the social justice history at Our Savior’s. The goal is to link together important religious figures, scripture, and how our faith calls us to help others. This theme is kicked-off with a MLK Day lock-in, and touches on other key religious figures such as Martin Luther and Bishop Tutu.


The last theme shifts to an internal focus. How can we teach our children to be spiritual? We touch on prayer, quietness, and the importance of tending to yourself.


To teach all of the content above, the same basic structure is used. Typically the Pastor, but sometimes others, present the reading to the students. This is followed by an activity linked to reading. When possible, the content is linked to the content from the service earlier in the day.


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